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Anchor Her Planners

Spirit-Led Goal Planning Course

01. Read & Pray

Through diligently seeking the Lord in scripture and delighting in His ways, we are positioning ourselves to hear his heart and his will for our lives, This is the first step to fully surrender goals. 

02. Wait

Waiting on the Lord is where we renew our strength and receive life-giving revelation of His will. This stage of the framework can be the most challenging, but with the leading of the Holy Spirit, and the help of this planner, you'll find the courage and beauty of surrendering in the wait. 

03. Take Action

After the Lord reveals to you the Anchor word for your season, it's time to apply the Anchor word to each of your goals. This part of the framework is putting your plan in action. 

Ready to surrender your heart and plans to the Lord? This four-week course is for you. Let's approach the next year, month, and day seeking the Lord for specific guidance regarding our lives. Be prepared to:

  • Actively seek God regarding HIS plans for your life

  • Embrace the process

  • Eliminate detractions

  • and much more! 

Don't wait! God has great plans in store for you!

Framework Course


I am so grateful and thankful for Angel she's such an amazing person. She's professional, understanding, knowledgeable, sweet, and very passionate about what she does. She always makes sure she goes above and beyond in our sessions and I absolutely love it! She has helped me in so many areas of my life over the past year we have been doing sessions together. I have seen great growth within myself because of her challenging me and keeping me accountable. She has a true calling and gift, and I'm glad she is my life coach! I would highly recommend her to others!

—  Angel

Hey You! 
It's time to reflect on
your 2022 year!

In preparation of what God has in store for you this year, we need to dive into all the blessings and obstacles we faced throughout the past year. 

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