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You were created to live in a community with others.


Hey! Angel Here - 

God put it on my heart years ago to bring women together to build authentic community and fellowship. This community of women would be brought together to empower, support, and encourage one another as we face obstacles, hardships, and success.

Value Her community will be a home and safe space for women to ask and provide advice, direction, and motivation. What you put into this community will truly be returned. We're excited to grow in Christ together! 

Most in-person communities are based in Huntsville, Alabama. However, online communities can reach anywhere! And who knows, there might be an event in a city near you soon! 
 Communities are currently in the works. To stay up to date, be sure to join Angel's email list along with follow Value Her on Instagram! We can't wait to share more with you soon! 
If God put it on your heart to be a leader of a Value Her Community, please send Angel an Email!
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